Tommy Pickles is one of the main characters in the Rugrats series. His best friend is Chuckie Finster. Tommy is very brave despite being just one year old. He is the self-proclaimed leader of the Rugrats. Tommy is voiced by Elizabeth Daily.


Tommy is almost bald, with nothing but a patch of short black hairs on the top of his head. He wears a blue shirt and a diaper in all his appearances whether it be in the series or in one of the films. He has a large head and never wears any shoes, nearly always barefoot.

Personality and friendsEdit

Tommy is a very adventurous baby who fears nothing and no one. He has known Chuckie since he was very small and claims, in one episode, that Chuckie is what caused him to begin walking, and they have been best friends ever since then. Tommy also admires his pet dog, Spike, who he often calls on when he and his friends are in danger. Tommy often uses� his dog� as a means of transportation. Tommy is shown to be extremely protective of Chuckie, most notably when Angelica teases him about being scared to go down the slide, shouting fiercely "Angelica, you made him cry!!".